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STP's Favorite Smalltalk-80 Projects

Stephen Travis Pope, stp@create.ucsb.edu


STP Goodies Version 9 for VisualWorks

Please note: This is obsolete and is kept here for VisualWorks users.

This collection contains various extensions to the ParcPlace Systems Smalltalk-80 system and tool-set that I've developed in the course of over 10 years of using the system. Many of these "goodies" are very old, and existed at Xerox PARC before ParcPlace even spun off. Others are newer, or were contributed to this "BagOfTricks" by other consultants (they are acknowledged by name below). This whole collection is being made available for free with NO GUARANTEES OR LIABILITY WHATSOEVER in the hope that various parts of it will be of use to neophites and "old hands" alike. Comments and contributions are invited.

STP Goodies Version 11 for Squeak

This is a re-implementation of the VisualWorks goodies for Squeak Smalltalk. It is nicer, larger, and generally better than the previous versions, and it runs in a free portable version of Smalltalk (Squeak)!

MODE: The Musical Object Development Environment

The MODE is a general-purpose music description and composition system; it is a re-implementation of the HyperScore ToolKit (HSTK), and went by the name of Topaz in the interim.

Various versions and components of the MODE are documented in two chapters in the book "The Well-Tempered Object: Musical Applications of Object- Oriented Software Technology" (S. T. Pope, ed. MIT Press, 1991), in papers in the Proceedings of the 1987, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1995 ICMC conferences, in an article in "Computer Music Journal" 16:3, Fall, 1992, and in documents available via anonymous Internet ftp file transfer from the directory pub/Smalltalk/Music on the Internet machine ftp.create.ucsb.edu.

There are several elements of the MODE:

MODE is now viewed as obsolete, having been replaced by Siren.

Siren: A Sound/Music Framework for Squeak

The Siren system is a new object-oriented (OO) software tool kit for music applications. Siren's design was derived from the author's 14-years of experience building Smalltalk-based music tools. The intention is to support music composition, digital sound synthesis and processing, and live performance within a free, portable, high-level software tool kit. Siren includes the following components: Compared to earlier Smalltalk music kits, Siren has more sophisticated models of the basic music magnitudes, flexible eager or lazy function application, and a complete model of objects for modular sound synthesis a la Music V.


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